About Artificial Intelligence Governance Online
Artificial Intelligence is considered to be a disruptive science and technology that are changing our society. We should extend its positive and good use, and at the same time, avoid misuse, abuse, as well as potential negative side effects. AI Governance Online is designed to help AI research, projects, products, and services evaluate their AI from various perspectives for potential technical, ethical and social risks, and provide automated reports on the evaluation and status of their AI from the AI governance perspective. Relevant cases and suggestions will also be provided to help to make the right decisions. AI should be beneficial not only to human, but also to environment, ecology, and the future of human-AI symbiotic society.
AI Governance Online is financially supported by Ministry of Science and Technologies, China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence.

Professor, and Founding Director, International Research Center for AI Ethics and Governance, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences